Turn Over the Moon

My debut novel, Turn Over the Moon, is now available in both print and ebook editions from Dream Tower Media.

In a world of prehistoric savagery where barbarism and dark science sorcery vie for power over decadent cities, a brave young orphaned woman, Belde, and her miniature pet dinosaur, Rint, may hold the key to freeing a world oppressed by a psychic burden called the Sorrow and saving humanity from ultimate self-destruction!

Turn Over the Moon is a wonderful, moving thrill-ride with a first-rate young protagonist of grit and determination. Harvey is a writer to watch!

Howard Andrew Jones, Author of For the Killing of Kings

A renegade orphan with her mini-dino companion on the run from evil forces in a rich and convincing world? Sign me up for more!

E. E. Knight, author of Dragoneer Academy

Turn Over the Moon continues the adventures of Belde, the heroine first introduced in “Farewell to Tyrn” (go grab a copy and get to know her and her dino sidekick Rint!). It kicks off a novel series in the science-fantasy land of Ahn-Tarqa that has featured in my short fiction since 2011 and the award-winding story “An Acolyte of Black Spires.”