Could You Spare Some Money for an Improv Theater?

The current plan for the release of Turn Over the Moon is to have the book out in November, with a Kickstarter during October for people to pre-order both print and ebook copies, as well as extras like signed copies, other books from Dream Tower Media, and prints of the cover illustration. The Kickstarter isn’t a charity: it’s how we’re offering Turn Over the Moon pre-orders.

But I’m going to ask for a bit of charity now anyway; not for me directly. It’s for a local theater here in Costa Mesa, the Improv Collective, which has a started a Patreon account to raise money to pay the rent through the remainder of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Eventually I’ll have more posts up about my experience in improvisational comedy theater, but the short version is that during 2019 it turned into my new hobby as well as my social scene, and what it’s done for me is tremendous. The Improv Collective is my improv home: I work on the production crew and have performed in various shows since March of 2019. It’s a nonprofit theater offering affordable shows to the community every Friday and Saturday for just five dollars.

We can’t hold shows during the pandemic or even have classes, so the Patreon will help the theater make its rent. Here’s the head of the Collective, Robert Souders, on what we do and why we need support:

I know most of my readers don’t live near the theater, but if I didn’t put the word out I wouldn’t be doing my full part to support it. Please chip in $3 (or more) to support a local theater, or find a local theater in your area that needs support during these times. Groups like this make a huge difference in people’s lives, and it doesn’t take much to keep them afloat.