Dream Tower Media Interview About Edgar Rice Burroughs

A few years ago, my friend Robert Zoltan started an ambitious project: The Literary Wonder & Adventure Podcast, an interview program where fantasy and science-fiction authors discussed great figures of the genre. John O’Neill described it as “no typical podcast, but an imaginatively designed (and frequently hilarious) radio show set in the windswept Dream Tower (with a talking raven).”

For his first interview, Robert chose to speak to … me. (Hey, I was available and only a thirty-minute drive away.) The subject was Edgar Rice Burroughs, a writer I have some familiarity with. You can hear the results above. I plan to say much more about Edgar Rice Burroughs later—he’s one of my essential authors—but if you want a good ERB primer, not to mention a fun and slickly-edited conversation between two fans and old friends, this video will take good care of you. I also talk about my Ahn-Tarqa stories and the inspiration behind them.