Welcome to Black Spires, The New Website

I finally got around to it …

After four years of living with (and ignoring) a stagnant website, I’m cleaning up and starting fresh. “Black Spires” is my new online fortress, named after my first published story, “An Acolyte of Black Spires.” I have exciting news and projects to announce in near future, which is one reason I decided to stop thinking about restarting my online presence and actually do it. The other reasons I’ll share in more detail in the next post.

Where my old website’s blog often featured lengthy articles on books and film, I’m leaving those large, professional-voice articles to the magazines I write for, like Black Gate. Although I’ll still write about literature and movies, I plan to take a more casual approach on this blog. More like chatting with friends than writing feature articles for general readers. I’ll also share my thoughts on writing and inspiration (but no overwrought inspirational “writer memes,” I promise), as well as provide updates on my work—something I hope helps encourage me to keep working. And I’m going to excavate my old blog and rewrite some of its better posts—because I believe in responsible recycling.

So stay tuned, and thank you for showing up at all. I appreciate everyone who’s taken time to read my articles over the years, as well as the readers who’ve delved into the small amount of fiction I’ve published. It means everything to me to know people have discovered enjoyment in what I have to say.

Special thanks to John O’Neill at Black Gate and to Howard Andrew Jones. I don’t think I’d have any audience at all if they didn’t draw me out into sharing my ideas with the world. They made me truly feel that I could call myself an author.