Download “Farewell to Tyrn” Free for a Limited Time

Farewell to Tyrn Cover 185x247For a limited time, my novelette “Farewell to Tyrn” will be available for free download from the Kindle Store. (Regular price 99¢.) This is an excellent entry point to my Ahn-Tarqa science-fiction setting. Read what one Amazon reviewer called, “The best fantasy world I have read about since the silos in Hugh Howey’s Wool.

“Farewell to Tyrn” will be free to download September 25–29.

Welcome to Black Spires, The New Website

I finally got around to it …

After four years of living with (and ignoring) a stagnant website, I’m cleaning up and starting fresh. “Black Spires” is my new online fortress, named after my first published story, “An Acolyte of Black Spires.” I have exciting news and projects to announce in near future, which is one reason I decided to stop thinking about restarting my online presence and actually do it. The other reasons I’ll share in more detail in the next post.

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