First Kickstarter Stretch Goal: A Free Novella Sequel to Turn Over the Moon

Now that we’ve hit our first funding goal for in the Kickstarter for Turn Over the Moon, I can announce our first stretch goal: If we reach $1,500, backers will receive a free novella sequel to the novel next year, before it becomes available to the public.

This novella, which I’m currently developing, is part of the future publishing strategy for Ahn-Tarqa. The next novel I have planned doesn’t feature Belde or any of the other characters from Turn Over the Moon; it takes place on the other side of the continent in Najael (see the map above) and begins a parallel series to “The Saga of the Sorrowless” called “The Sorrow War.” The novella will let readers check in with Belde and her adventures during the gap between the novels in The Saga of the Sorrowless.

I can’t share anything more at this point except that the first Sorrow War novel is also underway with its story extensively planned out. I wish I could tell you the title of the novel and the novella, but final titles tend to come late in writing for me. (Turn Over the Moon had the working title of “Belde Novel” during the first draft.)

We’ve Hit Our First Funding Goal for the Turn Over the Moon Kickstarter!

I’m thrilled to announce that the Kickstarter campaign for Turn Over the Moon has reached its initial funding goal of $1,000—after only seven days! This is better than I could’ve hoped for, and I’m thankful to all of our backers for supporting us and our efforts to get my novel to the widest audience.

The Kickstarter will now receive funding on October 31 when the campaign ends, but we’re not done yet. Tomorrow, we’ll announce exciting new rewards as we aim toward reaching our stretch goals. The additional money we raise will go toward promotion for the book after it’s published.

Thanks again to our backers, and please keep spreading the word.

Turn Over the Moon’s Kickstarter Pre-Launch Page Is Live!

We’re less than a month from the start of the official launch of the Kickstarter campaign for Turn Over the Moon, which begins on October 1st. The pre-launch page is now live, so head on over and hit the “Notify Me of Launch” button and you’ll receive notifications of when the campaign goes live.

Once the Kickstarter campaign starts, you can pledge money to the to pre-order digital and hardcover copies of Turn Over the Moon, as well as other books from Dream Tower Media and additional awards. (For a $35 pledge, you’ll receive a signed print copy, with my signature written in special blood-red ink!) Please share the link to the prelaunch page with anyone you know who is interested in supporting quality independent science-fiction fantasy and publishing.

Download “An Acolyte of Black Spires” in a Standalone Edition

You can now download my award-winning short story “An Acolyte of Black Spires” as a digital standalone. This is the first time I’ve made the story available outside of Writers of the Future Vol. XXII, where it originally debuted. It serves as a (less direct) prologue to Turn Over the Moon, introducing key ideas and supporting characters, so it another way you can prepare yourself for the full epic coming in October.

The new digital edition features another stunning cover by Robert Zoltan:

One Step Closer: The Advance Reviewer Copy Arrives

Delivered to my doorstep today: my personal copy of the advance review copy (ARC) of Turn Over the Moon. This is the first time I have gotten the change to hold an actual professional printed copy of my novel, and it looks fantastic:


The final version will feature only a few changes: typo corrections, a different back cover, and of course removing the “Not for Resale” bar that appears on all ARCs. The interior layout is stylish and beautiful, and the two-page map spread is a marvel. Robert Zoltan drew the map based on my messy sketches. No map reveal, yet, sorry! You’ll have to wait to read the book.

Onward toward November!