A Nonfiction Writing Update

My writing life isn’t entirely focused on the arrival of Turn Over the Moon in November. Some shifts have occurred in my nonfiction work. Most of my recent nonfiction has been for this blog—and I wish I had more time to dedicate to making the stream of new articles into a steady one. But I do have some updates about my nonfiction articles; some is not new, but it is something I haven’t discussed until now.

In 2018, which was five hundred years ago as measured in pandemic time, I made the exciting announcement that I was writing articles for a new website, Perilous Worlds, the official web presence of the company that owns author Robert E. Howard’s characters, such as Conan and Solomon Kane. It was not only an important outlet, it was a paying outlet, something I’m not used to when it comes to my nonfiction. Thrilling news, and I launched into the assignment with the aim to write the finest, most professional, most entertaining articles I could.

The endeavor lasted six months. 

The website came online with my first set of articles in October 2018. The website expanded to its full presence in January of 2019, with new articles appearing weekly. The final article was published the first week of March. A shift at the upper levels of the company shook up everything, and far down the ladder we little folks were no longer part of the Perilous Worlds plan. And that was it. The website remained up with the articles, but even that has vanished as the company plots its new web presence. So I can make it official that my role in that endeavor has crossed the River Styx. 

I worked too hard on those articles to let them vanish forever into the abyss of the deep web, so I’ll republish them on this website, possibly with some expansions (each article had a strict thousand word limit). I had three other articles submitted to the site that never appeared, and I’ll have to take a look over two of them to see what the future holds. As for the third … well, time for the actual new news.

It appears the same team that worked on Perilous Worlds is returning on another website. I don’t wish to make an official announcement yet, but I’m excited to work again with the two wonderful fellows who were part of Perilous Worlds. The current plan is for us to be active in October. I sent in that third orphaned article as an ideal Halloween-themed post and have already started brainstorming more article ideas. I have another magazine assignment as well, which I can’t discuss until the publisher makes an announcement. October is going to be busy here as Turn Over the Moon’s Kickstarter gets underway and I open up a new chapter in my nonfiction writing life.I’ll aim to republish one of the old Perilous Worlds articles per week, so keep a watch for those.