I’m a Writer for Perilous Worlds!


Update: Perilous Worlds as I knew it no longer exists. I will post all my articles from my time on the site on this blog.

This announcement has been a while coming. But now that the site is live (and the entire crew is revived), it can be told to you …

I am one of the writers for the new website and fantasy book imprint Perilous Worlds.

And what is Perilous Worlds? From the official announcement:

Perilous Worlds is a sci-fi and fantasy book publisher whose mission is to create immersive adventure books for avid readers, gamers, and fans of SFF TV and film. Perilous Worlds is the book division of Cabinet Entertainment, a global entertainment company whose properties include Conan the Barbarian, Mutant Year Zero, Solomon Kane, Mutant Chronicles, and Kult, amongst others. We release our books in transmedia universes and storylines across books, film, television, video games, comics, and table top games, and work closely with our partners who include Marvel, Endeavor Content, as well as our sister companies Pathfinder Media and Heroic Signatures who operate in film and TV, and interactive industries.

In addition to the works of Robert E. Howard, who along with H.P. Lovecraft was one of the towering figures of SFF and created the fantasy genre of Sword and Sorcery, Perilous Worlds publishes original fiction with a special focus on Sci-Fi, Heroic Fantasy, Sword and Sorcery, Weird Fiction, as well as Horror. We are committed to tapping into the rich storytelling techniques and talents from the gaming world, publishing both well-established as well as emerging writers, and also to introducing new diverse voices.

So, yeah … plenty to take in there. This publishing and multi-media venture has been quietly building up over the last year. My involvement started three months ago, when my friend and fantasy writer Howard Andrew Jones called me and explained he had been made the editor for Perilous Worlds. He wanted to know if I was willing to come on board as a columnist for the site based on my years of nonfiction writing as well as my fiction-writing skills. Of course I couldn’t say yes fast enough. Once the wheels started to move, I set to work on writing my inaugural articles for the site.

The website is still new with some construction yet to go. I expect my first article to be up in a week or so. Perilous Worlds is making its official launch at the Frankfurter Buchmesee (Frankfurt Book Fair), which runs this week. The book fair is the largest of its kind in the world, and we’ll know more about the future of Perilous Worlds after its over—although the impressive line-up of authors makes it all feel promising.

I’ll alert everyone with updates and links to my articles as they come up, as well as other major news. I hope this is the beginning of many big events for me.