EW Did a Smear Job Against Clyde from Pac-Man

It’s bizarre to me that the magazine 
Entertainment Weekly (“EW” so you know they’re still hip to the initials the kidz luv) is still around. The routine puff-piece weekly magazine is like the pathetic version of Empire, pumping out boring top ten lists run through market research grinders. And the covers are the absolute worst. The Worst.

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This Local Courtyard Under the Sway of Satan … Or So I’m Told

The real world horrors you discover in October might be lurking right outside your office door. The terrors crawling beneath the stones of your workplace, the cultists scheming just out of sight.

By day I work from the fourteenth floor of a building in Costa Mesa, CA (walking distance from my apartment, which is almost unheard of in Orange County) located near the Segerstrom Center for the Arts. This is the courtyard located behind the building:



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I’m a Writer for Perilous Worlds!


Update: Perilous Worlds as I knew it no longer exists. I will post all my articles from my time on the site on this blog.

This announcement has been a while coming. But now that the site is live (and the entire crew is revived), it can be told to you …

I am one of the writers for the new website and fantasy book imprint Perilous Worlds.

And what is Perilous Worlds? From the official announcement:

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Learning From Clyde, The Sensitive Pac-Man Ghost


I’m a Classic Era Gamer when it comes to video games. I was four years old when Space Invaders landed, and seven when Pac-Man began its relentless quarter-munching campaign. I vividly recall the first time I saw a Pac-Man cabinet at Straw Hat Pizza in Malibu. I thought it was the coolest thing ever invented, like a cartoon come to life with a joystick attached.

Pac-Man and its sequel Ms. Pac-Man remain my games of choice to this day, with Dig-Dug right behind. These are the only video games I can play that will cause people to come over to watch.

Over those many years of playing Pac-Man and its sequels, I’ve given serious thought to Clyde, one of the four multi-colored ghosts in the original game. Clyde is the orange ghost. Aka “Pokey.” The “random one.” The “stupid one.” No matter what nicknames he may attract, I adore Clyde and his twin sister Sue, who takes his place in Ms. Pac-Man—probably because Clyde was reluctant to show up a second time. I’m going to dress up as Clyde for Halloween. If I buy a Pac-Man T-shirt (bound to happen one day) it’s gonna be a Clyde shirt.

Only recently have I started to grasp fully why I like Clyde the most of the four ghosts. I know how his programming operates, but watching his behavior in the game has given me something to contemplate. So let’s have a little talk about him. Caution: I’m going to take a bit of a serious direction with this eventually.
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