Get “Farewell to Tyrn” for Free to Prep for Turn Over the Moon!

We’re on track to have Turn Over the Moon released in October (the advance reviewer copies have already gone out). To help celebrate—and to help prepare you for some of the thrills ahead—we’re offering free digital copies of “Farewell to Tyrn,” the novelette that first introduced heroine Belde and her sidekick dinosaur Rint. This is the direct prologue to Turn Over the Moon, and you can receive a free copy (PDF, mobi, epub) if you sign up for the Dream Tower Media newsletter. Which you would want to do anyway, because Dream Tower doesn’t just product quality books, but also podcasts and radio dramas. You’ll also receive alerts for Turn Over the Moon as well as other upcoming goodies.

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New Story Available: Dead Queen’s Triumph


I’m marching toward the November release of Turn Over the Moon, moving into the final revisions on the manuscript and putting the promotional materials in place. But you don’t have to wait to read a new story set in Ahn-Tarqa: order a copy of issue #4 of Tales From the Magician’s Skull now (either in print or PDF) and read my novelette “Dead Queen’s Triumph.”

“You—don’t yet believe—that I am your queen.” The tongue moved freer as the abomination became used to speaking. “For long, I forgot that I was as well. But I am royal blood still. See?” One of the manipulated arms placed its hand over a flap on the chest cylinder. Fingers gripped the sides and pulled it open.

“Dead Queen’s Triumph”
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